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Turn a Blind Eye

Ladies, it's time to make your sex life a little more exciting and interesting with the use of blindfolds. It is commonplace for couples to get bored with their relationship and the bedroom sessions become so predictable that the thought of sex actually becomes a little arduous. Sexual boredom can leave partners feeling like they're lacking something important in the relationship. If the emotional and intellectual strength is there – then adding a completely new level of foreplay like blindfolds is definitely in order.

Either a nice blindfold from a novelty store or a simple one from around the house will do. Once you have something like one of his ties, or one of your scarves or anything else that can cover his eyes adequately, begin touching and feeling each other. Considering that you're blindfolded, inhibitions will diminish somewhat. Try massaging each other's body parts. Rub each other's hands, toes, thighs, genitals, lips, and whatever other parts arouse you and her.

Foreplay minus the eyesight will heighten your sense of touch and sound. And if you really want to get naughty, you can even go so far as to imagine that he's someone else.

With the blindfolds on, undress him slowly and begin inhaling, tasting, licking, feeling, and rubbing each other. Finding your way to his penis is more exciting when you're forced to use your other senses to get there.

Your excitement and senses will be so intense and heightened that you may be more than willing to reciprocate every favor he furnishes you with. Remember to focus on your other senses because that's the whole point of this experiment.

Switch around! If you prefer to be in control, then blindfold him while you have your fun with his body. The fact that he can't see what you're about to do makes his anticipation so much more intense.
Surprise him -- start by licking up his thigh, then stop and surprise him again by biting on his neck. Move from one end of his body to a completely different part.

Softly suck on his nipples, and then abruptly put his cock in your mouth, and then massage it with your hands and fingers. If he's willing, use his hands to touch his penis and erogenous zones, and watch him play with himself. The kind of excitement and new sensations a simple blindfold can provide is incredible.

Try being the submissive one and let him tie the blindfold on you. If you can't see what he's doing - then anything he does will feel much more heightened.

And he probably won’t care about what he looks like, or what kind of facial expressions he's making because you can't see him, so he may feel a little more wild. If you think oral sex is good when you can see what your doing, imagine how crazy it'll feel when you can't see a thing -- feel the blinding power.

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