Osquared Orgasm CreamCreme for Her Pleasure Intensify Your Orgasm
Finally, a Sexual Enhancement Cream for Better Female Orgasms
Just for Women
Get Osquared and get ready for breathtakingly intense orgasms!
Are you ready to achieve breathtaking orgasms?

The Osquared cream intensifies your climax during sexual experiences. Once applied, the orgasm cream provides a gentle warmth and tingling sensation to heighten your sexual stimulation and clitoral sensitivity. Osquared will help you achieve levels of sexual pleasure you never thought possible - satisfaction guaranteed!  Finally, you can achieve pure orgasmic bliss and revive your sex life. Osquared can even help women who have never experienced an orgasm before.
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Order Osquared Female Orgasm Enhancment Creme What makes the Osquared different from other sexual enhancement creams?
  • Water-based and latex compatible
  • No petroleum by-products
  • Clean, all-natural formula
  • Best selling natural clitoral stimulation product
  • Natural preservatives
Don't continue to be left unsatisfied - Osquared will heighten your sexual sensitivity so that you can experience mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms. Once you've felt more powerful, more intense sexual sensations; you'll never settle for anything less.

Whether you're married, single, at home, on the road, alone or with your lover, Osquared  puts you a touch away from the liberating freedom of the elusive at-will orgasm.

Osquared's unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to provide women with a euphoric sensation that stimulates the clitoris and leads to exquisite, powerful orgasms. This female sexual enhancement cream provides the warming, soothing and tingling sensations for breath-taking orgasms every time.

But it’s not just for those struggling to orgasm - Osquared can help intensify your orgasms beyond your wildest beliefs - even if you’re already having amazing sex! You will be blown away at the difference and will never want to go back to Osquared- free sex again.

How Osquared WorksVisit Our Store
Osquared Cream heightens the arousal phase of sexual pleasure when applied to the sensitive tissues of a woman.

Arousal is encouraged by the gentle warmth and tingling sensation of soothing menthol. As the experience continues, the pulsating and soft heat intensifies, which further enhances blood flow into the area.

While the menthol stimulates, the essential amino acid L-Arginine initiates the nitric oxide pathway of sexual stimulation. This pathway, discovered in the early 1990's by Nobel Prize winning scientists, is the human body’s physiologic basis for clitoral sensitivity, arousal and excitation.

Our Blend
The proprietary blend of all natural ingredients makes Osquared Cream the most responsive product of its type on the market.

It is a unique natural product made especially for women who are proactive about their sexual health, wellness and pleasure.

Osquared is the natural choice for women. Enjoy the additional pleasure of Osquared – sex just got even better!

Intensify your orgasms and have earth-shattering sex every time
What is female sexual dysfunction?
Female dysfunction or dissatisfaction is defined by urologists, behavioral scientists and psychologists as a loss of interest in sex and the inability to become aroused or achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse or sexual interaction. Sexual dissatisfaction s a symptomatic intimacy problem in which one or both partners fails to communicate their needs, causing disappointment and a feeling of unfulfillment.

How fast do I feel the pleasurable sensations of Osquared?
While every woman's body responds uniquely to different types of stimulation, most women have reported feeling a warm and tingling sensation just seconds after rubbing Osquared Cream onto their clitoris. The feeling quickly intensifies and women have reported reaching full ecstatic orgasm within moments after applying! For others it may take a few minutes or reapplication of the cream to achieve climatic results.

Is Osquared safe for frequent use?
Yes! Osquared can be used as often as desired without having to worry about harmful side effects. Remember the key ingredients of Menthol, L-Arginine and Dioscorea Mexicana Root Extract are 100% natural, safe and non-addictive.

Is it safe to perform oral sex during and after the use of Osquared?
Yes! The ingredients in Osquared are safe for oral ingestion. However the it is unflavored and can cause a tingling sensation in the mouth.

Does Osquared produce the same experience for my partner?
Most men experience heightened pleasure upon sexual contact with Orgasm Cream, as the natural ingredients also stimulate the nerves around the penis. Males feel a warm, soothing sensation as Osquared facilitates blood flow into the area.

Is Osquared the same as the popular Kama Crème?
Yes, Kama Crème and Osquared are the same product. The name had to be changed because of reference to Kama Sutra products.

Osquared 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Osquared, simply return the unused product within 30 days to receive a full product refund (minus shipping - on your first order only).

1 Tube of Osquared Cream Get ready for intense orgasms and improved sexual pleasure.

Just think of how much more satisfied you will be in every aspect of your life once you experience the intensity of Osquared orgasms. Osquared promotes heightened senses to help intensify your sensitivity to touch, arousing your body and preparing it for the most passionate, breathtaking orgasms possible.

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