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Healthy Sex Connection

A fulfilling sex life is critical to overall human health. It makes for a great means to connection and intimacy, but also acts as a source of stress relief and yes, even exercise! The physical and emotional challenges of our daily lives make sex a welcome little ‘rest stop’ on the road of life, as long as we share the right connection with someone.

Some of the keys to creating a healthy sexual connection include understanding of your partner’s body and how it works, how to ignite and sustain desire between you, and keeping the feelings between you open and intimate. Communication is always important, especially when you have unresolved tension between you over some event or ongoing ‘thing’. Talking these things out is vital to the health of the relationship, and therefore contribute to a healthy sexual connection.

Another important issue is the area of sexual taboos. Most of us have an internal set of rules that tells us what is ok or not in the bedroom. Sometimes early life experiences can affect people’s sexuality in adulthood. It can be very hard to break though these barriers, and can be frustrating to the partner who wants to experiment more. Openness and communication, plus a heck of a lot of patience and understanding are needed to allow these issues to get worked out. Sometimes an experienced therapist can make the difference.

A healthy sex connection also depends upon what stimulates each partner. If you can find ways of sharing stimulation, so the each partner becomes stimulated by the actions of the other, you have grounds for a highly fulfilling and healthy sexual connection. Of course this often requires experimentation, and testing of things that are unfamiliar to you or your partner, and exploring these avenues can be both highly erotic and good for intimacy all at once. And as long as both partners like where you are exploring, give it a go!

One of the best ways to increase your sexual connection with a partner is to decrease inhibitions in yourself. Overcoming inhibitions is never easy, but using a few tricks can ease up the pressure a little. Try the following tips.

First of all, talk about your desires and fantasies. Make them known to your partner in order to ‘get items on the table.’ Let him know what you’re interested in trying, or what you might have difficulty with.

Once you’ve talked about it, either in the bedroom or previously (to lay the ground rules) begin by slowing way down, or asking your partner to slow down. You can’t rush something that someone is having difficulty with. If it is you, tell your partner that you want to accommodate him but that he needs to slow down to allow you to get into this new thing.

Next, give yourself ‘outs’ by setting up a signal to use at any point along the way. Talk with him before hand and choose a motion or word that indicates for the other partner to slow down. By letting each other know that when either of you feels too uncomfortable, you build in ‘emotional safety nets’ that do wonders for breaking new ground.

The path to having a truly fulfilling relationship is totally intertwined with having a healthy sexual connection with your partner. The two are one and the same for most of us. By exploring what makes the relationship better you get a lot of what makes the sex better too! Keep the relationship healthy, and the sex will usually follow!

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