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You've met an interesting man. There's an attraction between you ? you like what you see, and so does he. Now it remains to be seen if anything more is to come of it.

Successful seduction starts with choosing the right person to begin with, and getting the right feelings built between you for magic to happen. Instinct is vital, but conversation is usually the tell-all for most of us. As most of us choose a partner that is as attractive as we feel we are, you can often get a picture of your level of self-image from the men you flirt with. If you want to up your levels?, build up your self image.

There is great satisfaction and excitement to be had in seduction, as many of us know. But the real lovers of the chase are usually fairly confident to begin with, and often have more success than others. Often times, and men know this better than any of us, the thrill of the seduction is more exciting than the conquest!

Getting back to the seduction itself, begin with eye contact. A first glance can say volumes. If he welcomely returns your eye contact, and especially if he holds eye contact longer than others usually would, there is almost certainly an interest in you. Look for gestures or tones of voice to ?fill in? the details of the picture. Listen to your instincts about him. If he's into you, you'll know it.

As for reading whether he is interested or not, you are best off to read the body language between you. These are the best indicators. Watch his eyes, which are the best signals of interest for either sex.

If you are flirting with him and he's flirting back, there is definitely a reason to believe your plans are working. If you are getting the right signals from him, but you are not in a place where you can follow up, you can let the feelings take you to higher levels of arousal. This ?excitement of denial? is one of the cornerstones of the seduction game, for both partners.

Flirting is a way to let people know we are interested, and in the art of seduction, it is the way to keep the other party interested and aroused. In the case of men, they often need to be ?reassured? that you are attainable, and playing hard to get can lead to losing their interest sometimes, as they move on to ? less hard-to-get? prospects. Don't fret ladies ? he's just being a typical man ? short attention span. By sending out enough flirty signals, even the hard-to-get game can work, but you just need to go a little heavier on the signals. Men love a chase when they think it'll be worth it in the end!

After you've let him know you're interested, some flirty talk can reveal what his sexual preferences are like. This will help you help you figure out if he's a suitable sexual partner. People have different tastes, and it helps to know what he's into before you make a decision about him.

Just remember, subtlety is the key, or you may come on too strong. Keep it light and fun. Ask him leading questions and see how he handles them. The fact that you're asking, but not necessarily revealing anything about yourself is a great way to tease and entice a man. Most men love to talk, and if they think you're interested they'll pretty much tell you what you need to know? Again, listen to your instincts.

Here comes the important part. Two people who have seen each other and like what they see may or may not have the chemistry to move towards seduction. If you feel chemistry, there will be signs that he is interested too. If he's still interested in you later on, you're on the right track, so keep going. If not, call it a night and move on. There are plenty of other men out there!

The final stage is the actual surrender, which one of you has to do or the game becomes tired, and so do both of you. The move is usually the man's job, and centuries of tradition in this area are kind of hard to live down. We generally let him in at some point, and although we may have initiated the encounter, we most often let him take over, and he'll generally be happy to do so. And so everything is in its natural order, and the seduction is complete!

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