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Is there any way of prolonging her orgasm?

Don't tell your buddies this little secret, but we have a sneaky way of intensifying her climax.

This little secret packs a punch! The secret is in the location of what women’s orgasms are controlled by – that would be the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

The (PC) muscle extends from her pelvic bone to her tail bone and surrounds the opening of her vagina.

Step 1
Watch for her eyes and movements to turn hypnotically slow and intense to read when she starts to climax, when this happens, slow your thrusts to half speed.

Step 2
After each thrust into her while she is climaxing, use a finger to press gently on the area surrounding the vaginal opening. This will stimulate, intensify and prolong her orgasmic spasm.

Early in the sexual stages, try to keep the communication open to accommodate a more comfortable experience, pressure or stresses take away from the experience and performance. Asking your partner what feels good and what they like will ease the tensions and things much more stimulating to also increase the likelihood of an orgasm.

Furthermore, if more stimulation and sexual energy is required, an easy solution is to use a tried tested and true female libido enhancer like Provestra. The natural libido booster Provestra will provide the natural nutrients that her sexual organs and systems require for optimum sexual performance.

EVEN FURTHER! Paying attention to her erogenous zones during foreplay will set the stage for more stimulation; discover all you need to know about erogenous zones in the Albion Medical Newsletter Vol. 2, issue 9 and 10. Once you have the foundation of hitting her in all the right spots – you can go to a whole new level of excitement with a 100% natural female excitement cream called Vigorelle.

Remember, some well-timed touches outside the vagina opening during climax and the use of some female stimulation products will buy her a few extra seconds each time she orgasms. Do that for a while and she will NEVER leave, though your neighbours probably will.

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