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Quick Sexual Boost - All Natural Liquid Sex Enhancer For Women
Female Rx Give Yourself a Boost

• Improves sexual desire and function
• Intensifies pleasure and orgasms
• Improves stamina and endurance

Female Rx Plus is an all natural sexual boost taken ten minutes before sexual activity. It is a revolutionary way to increase your sexual pleasure. Oral absorption is the fastest, most effective way to get a dose of enhancing supplements into your system. Female Rx Plus immediately absorbs into your system to give you a fast, safe and effective sexual boost.

Our laboratory uses the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures to produce the finest and most effective formula. Female Rx Plus our all-natural Female herbal supplement, remains a top seller among competitive brands, making it the #1 choice for those seeking safe and effective female enhancement.

Supplement your life today! Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience for yourself the proven benefits of Female Rx Plus. With every order guaranteed, you have nothing to lose!

Why It Works
When put into the mouth, micro-sized beads are immediately absorbed into the tissue through the capillaries, which lie close to the surface of the lining in the mouth. This process allows the supplement to be absorbed within seconds.

The liquids bypass the solubility and absorption problems accompanied by traditional nutritional supplements. Oral absorption is up to 90 percent effective, allowing your body to utilize all the necessary nutrients. Female Rx Plus is superior to a pill because it absorbs into the blood stream immediately.

Female Rx Plus is specifically formulated with a variety off natural
herbal ingredients know for centuries to assist women in their sexual enhancement and for their aphrodisiac qualitites.

One dose of Female Rx Plus will give you the sexual boost to enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. Simply Mix 1/3 of the bottle in cola or juice and drink 10 minutes before sexual activity.

What is Female Rx Plus?
Female Rx Plus is a natural herbal sexual enhancer for women. Taking the formula 10 minutes before sexual activity increases sexual desire, sensitivity and pleasure.

How do you take it?
Mix 1/3 of the bottle with cola or juice and drink 10 minutes before sexual activity.

What are the ingredients?
Female Rx Plus contains Clavo Huasca (aerial parts), Macuna (seed), Maca (root), Distilled Water.

Are there any side effects?
Because Female Rx Plus is an herbal product you should not have any problems with side effects. If you have any medical concerns please check the ingredients with your doctor.

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